Michael Carson

Michael Carson
Environmental Scientist, Edmonton

We are pleased to introduce you to Michael Carson, PhD, RPBio.

Michael Carson is an Environmental Scientist with ten years’ of research experience focused on soil carbon and microbial ecology, two of which related to residual management of biochar additions to agricultural soils. Michael’s decision to join SYLVIS is a departure from academia and a segue into the consulting realm where he applies his expertise to provide tangible day to day solutions for clients.

Michael is based out of SYLVIS’s Edmonton office, where he specializes in soil carbon quantification and accounting on a variety of projects that are focused on carbon reduction and storage. This work includes developing new methodologies, project management, data analysis, and report preparation.

Michael holds a PhD in Boreal Ecology from Laurentian and a MSc in Biology from Kansas State University. Prior to joining SYLVIS in 2020, Michael was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Alberta, investigating the use of biochar as a soil amendment in agricultural land and served as an Academic Teaching Staff member. Michael has a comprehensive understanding of soil carbon, microbial communities, and greenhouse gas emissions from both native and managed soils and recently gained his Professional Biologist designation in Alberta.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys spending time outdoors with his fiancée and two dogs, playing hockey, and cooking.