Mark Teshima

Mark Teshima
Senior Business Development Scientist

We are pleased to introduce you to Mark Teshima, MSc., PChem.

Mark Teshima has over two decades of consulting, provincial government, and academic experience in residuals and recycling. Mark has worked on all facets of residuals management including policy development, beneficial use options assessments, land application suitability studies, and operational management. Mark has an established and growing network of residuals generators, regulators and landowners throughout the prairies and the Pacific Northwest and has managed residuals in mine reclamation, marginal land improvement, biomass development, agricultural and forest fertilization, landfill reclamation, and soil product development.

Mark has been instrumental in advancing innovative residuals management in Alberta. Mark led an assessment of biosolids options for the City of Edmonton (now EPCOR) to diversify their biosolids management options. This work led to the establishment of demonstration projects to provide local proof-of-concept of non-agricultural biosolids land application options. EPCOR continues to utilize these options to maintain a diverse and sustainable biosolids land application program. Mark was involved in the design, regulatory approval process and initial operational aspects of the City of Calgary’s biosolids applications to willow biomass plantations in Mountain View County. Throughout his time at SYLVIS, Mark has worked on projects for several other organizations including Claystone Waste, Town of Devon, Municipality of Jasper, Weyerhaeuser – Edson, Metro Vancouver, King County, Lehigh Hanson, and Westmoreland Mining.

Mark worked at SYLVIS from 2004-2017 and is thrilled to recently return. In his current role as Senior Business Development Scientist, Mark is responsible for developing residuals management opportunities across the prairies and providing senior review and technical support to SYLVIS projects. Prior to returning to SYLVIS, Mark was a Senior Waste Policy Advisor at Alberta Environment and Parks where he most recently worked on developing recycling policies to advance the transition to a plastic circular economy. Mark also worked on a cross-Ministry team with Alberta Energy to develop and implement the province's Natural Gas Vision and Strategy, for which they received the Premier's Public Service Award in 2021.