Leisa Kirkaldy

Leisa Kirkaldy
Project Coordinator, New Westminster

We are pleased to introduce you to Leisa Kirkaldy, BSc, RPBio.

Leisa Kirkaldy is a biologist with over four years’ experience in the environmental sciences.  She has a background in soil science; site remediation; and environmental regulations and compliance.  

Leisa completed her bachelors of Science at the University of Waterloo and soon after began working for an organic growing media company providing scientific technical support.  Her focus was mainly on quality assurance, composting operations, and environmental compliance.   Leisa also acted as lead scientist on a research project involving optimal fertility rates in bark based growing media.  At SYLVIS, Leisa coordinates many aspects of the Lehigh-Sechelt mine reclamation project including land applications, vegetation maintenance, community engagement, and environmental monitoring. Leisa also lends support in planning and implementing forest and rangeland fertilization programs.

Leisa enjoys the beautiful scenery that British Columbia has to offer by always searching for new hiking trails to explore.