Kasia Caputa

Kasia Caputa
Agrologist, Edmonton

We are pleased to introduce you to Kasia Caputa, MSc., PAg.

Kasia is an Agrologist with over 6 years’ experience in the environmental sciences ranging from ecological research to environmental site assessments and regulatory permitting and reporting.

Since joining SYLVIS, Kasia has taken on a variety of roles in support of the growing Alberta team. Some of her responsibilities include coordinating and implementing environmental monitoring for the Edmonton-based operational projects, supervising biosolids delivery and application operations, and preparing reports and proposals. Kasia is also responsible for managing the analytical data for all the Alberta projects, and liaising with external laboratories.

Kasia’s MSc. thesis focused on modeling nitrogen inputs to rangeland soils during different seasonal periods by biological soil crust communities comprised of lichens and cyanobacteria.  This research improves the understanding of the impacts of short and long-term changes in climate to soil fertility in grasslands.  Kasia also has experience in forest ecology and has worked on research projects related to forest health and forest genecology.

In her spare time, Kasia enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband, daughter and two dogs.