Graeme Shutler

Graeme Shutler, B.Sc.
Graeme Shutler
Senior Environmental Technician, New Westminster

We are pleased to introduce you to Graeme Shutler, B.Sc.

Graeme began his career with SYLVIS in 2008 as a junior environmental technician and has become a valued member of the Environmental Services team. Graeme graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a degree in Environmental Sciences. His past experiences in both the horticultural and utilities industries bring a diverse skill set to SYLVIS, from which he has carved out a unique niche.

His primary responsibility is the management of the environmental monitoring and sampling programs SYLVIS conducts on behalf of its clients.  He is the senior member and leader of the SYLVIS team of environmental technicians who implement monitoring programs, conduct sample collection and manage data. Graeme also manages the in-house mapping created for SYLVIS projects using ESRI ArcGIS and AutoCAD Map.  Graeme is currently seeking industry certification for ArcGIS.

Graeme is involved in many projects with significant roles in the leachate treatment and management program at the Ecowaste Landfill in Richmond, BC and with land reclamation at gravel quarrying sites on the sunshine coast and central interior of BC. Responsibilities on these projects are varied, but may include: soil mixing and placement, vegetation planting and planting design, irrigation design and maintenance, and environmental monitoring. Graeme is also an experienced equipment operator and is often relied upon to complete operational activities at several SYLVIS project sites. If not working at one of the BC client sites, Graeme can be found in Alberta assisting with all aspects of project implementation and company establishment as SYLVIS grows outside of BC.

Graeme enjoys spending time with his family in the great outdoors. Favourite activities include: camping, fishing, canoeing, gardening, and exploring the beaches and volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands. He is also a passionate NFL Football fan and administers the SYLVIS office fantasy football league – Seahawks Rule!