Connor Robinson

Connor Robinson
Environmental Scientist, New Westminster

We are pleased to introduce you to Connor Robinson, MSc, AAg.

Connor is an Environmental Scientist with SYLVIS. He has over four years of experience in consulting, the public sector and academia, with most of that time in residuals management. Prior to joining SYLVIS, he obtained his Master of Science at the University of British Columbia and his Bachelor of Environment at Simon Fraser University. It was during his Bachelor program that he became interested in residuals management and chose to explore this topic in his MSc. For his MSc thesis he modelled the impacts of land application of biosolids and biosolids-based biochar on agricultural soil quality.

As an Environmental Scientist, Connor is involved with consulting and operational projects spanning technical assessments, regulatory compliance, research, and environmental protection. He is passionate about the climate change mitigation implications of residuals management and is keen on exploring the possibility for tradeable carbon offset credits from residuals management projects. Projects he has worked on include a water treatment residuals incorporation trial for excess available phosphorus management, a bench-scale soil mixing and vegetation growth trial for mine reclamation using locally available residuals, and the development of a sampling plan for landfilled primary pulp sludge to determine its suitability for mine reclamation.

Connor is also the SYLVIS Applied Research Coordinator. In this role, he oversees all applied research projects across the company. These research projects range from bench-scale trials to field-scale operational studies and span most of the residuals that SYLVIS manages. He designs statistically rigorous applied research trials and works with project teams across the company to implement and monitor the projects. He is responsible for data analysis and report writing and works with the marketing and business development teams to transfer the knowledge gained to current and prospective clients.