SYLVIS Presents at the 2019 BCWWA Conference

Thursday, June 20, 2019

The BC Water & Wastewater Association 2019 conference was held in Victoria, BC from May 26 – 28. The conference theme “the rise of water” encompassed talks on water and climate change, water treatment technologies, and innovative solutions to increasing water demands.

Within this theme, Laura Jefferies from SYLVIS and Karen Pyne from Metro Vancouver presented on beneficial use options for drinking water treatment residuals. Currently, Metro Vancouver diverts their drinking water treatment residuals from the landfill to the Lafarge Cement Plant and used as a raw material substitute for red shale. SYLVIS and Metro Vancouver are exploring alternate uses for the material, capitalizing on the phosphorus-binding capabilities. The presentation highlighted SYLVIS’s research and pilot scale testing of land application of drinking water treatment residuals to bind excess phosphorus found in many agricultural soils. Working together with Metro Vancouver we are validating water treatment residuals as a tool for agricultural environmental management.