Providing Work Experience for Local High School Students at SYLVIS

Thursday, March 29, 2018

As a partner in the New Westminster Secondary School Education Program, SYLVIS is pleased to host grade 12 students for Work Experience placements. In 2017, SYLVIS hosted two students, providing valuable exposure and experience to real-world environmental science and management.

Over a two-month timeframe, students work alongside SYLVites, logging 40 hours of work in a variety of tasks; showing them typical activities and tools of the trade for environmental consulting. Creating soil mixes in the lab, entering analytical data, and learning the science behind what we do are all aspects of SYLVIS life to which students are exposed.  Their experience also includes a full day in the field with a chance to participate in sample collection and the use of field meters and equipment for environmental monitoring.

As SYLVIS staff engage with the next generation of environmental superheroes, it helps us realize that the future is bright.