Northwest Biosolids Leadership Spotlight

Friday, January 4, 2019

Did you know that SYLVIS was founded by our president - Mike Van Ham - following his research studying the effects of organic residuals on the environment? Mike was recently featured as a leader in biosolids management by Northwest Biosolids – an association of biosolids producers, scientists, regulators, and consulting companies advancing environmental sustainability through the beneficial use of biosolids. Mike has been actively involved in Northwest Biosolids for over 25 years including committee participation, strategic plan development, and a leadership role on the Board of Directors. To learn more about how Mike became involved in the biosolids world and what he envisions for the future of biosolids, check out the inaugural spotlight in the Northwest Biosolids Leadership Spotlight Series. SYLVIS is proud to be an active member of Northwest Biosolids, participating as co-chairs on both the Membership Committee and the Regulation Committee.