Early Spring Green-Up in the Southern Interior

Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring is here and the early green-up of the grasses at our BC Southern Interior sites are already prevalent.  Typically, the grasslands in BC’s Southern Interior do not start to grow until mid-May, however, the land base that has received biosolids are showing significant green-up as early as mid-April.  This indicates that the grasses are taking up the available nitrogen and starting to grow well in advance of the non-applied areas.

Biosolids applied last fall will have supplied a quantity of plant available nitrogen immediately to the soil, some of which would have captured when the soil froze and re-released as the soil started to thaw.  In addition, the soil microbes have been stimulated by the addition of organic matter to mineralize organic nitrogen, giving this grass a significant boost this spring.  These ranchers are seeing for the first time how biosolids benefit Southern Interior grasslands and realizing the economic impact on their operations: longer grazing periods for livestock and more nutritional forage being produced.