Calgary Demonstration Program recipient of the Low Carbon Economy Challenge Funding

Thursday, September 10, 2020


We are excited to announce that the Calgary Demonstration Program is expanding!

SYLVIS has worked with the City of Calgary since 2013 on the establishment of a marginal land improvement project using short-rotation coppice willows fertilized with municipal biosolids. The project sets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through carbon sequestration. Biosolids use in short-rotation coppice willow system sequesters carbon in several ways including soil organic carbon from fine root turnover, litter-layer organic carbon from leaf/litterfall, and from the harvested aboveground biomass. Over time this system will act as a sink for carbon as soil organic matter accumulates, improving the overall productivity of marginal agricultural soils when they are returned to agricultural crop production after a period of approximately 25 years.

The City of Calgary has received approximately $2 million dollars in federal funding through the Low Carbon Economy Challenge to expand the willow biomass plantation by a further 300 hectares, increasing the capacity for carbon sequestration, and other direct / indirect benefits of the system. This project delivers on the Low Carbon Economy Challenge’s goals of reducing carbon, saving money, and creating jobs.