BIOSALIX Project Recipient of Natural Resource Canada’s Clean Growth Program

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, today announced funding to support the BIOSALIX project through Natural Resource Canada’s Clean Growth Program. It is a competitive federal funding program that provides an opportunity to advance emerging clean technologies that are currently in the research and development and demonstration phase within Canada’s energy, mining, and forestry sectors. These sectors will be able to benefit from these technologies to reduced impacts on air, land, and water while also promoting job creation.

The BIOSALIX program is a renewable energy, coal mine reclamation project undertaken near Forestburg, Alberta. Through a collaborative team led by SYLVIS Environmental Services, the BIOSALIX project sets out to address two unique challenges in Alberta: the accelerated closure of prairie coal mines with its associated challenges, and an increased demand for management of organic residuals.

The BIOSALIX project will achieve improved mine reclamation outcomes using municipal organic residuals to produce a long-term willow biomass crop. The biomass crop can then be used as a biomass feedstock for soil reclamation amendment and as an energy or biomass feedstock source. The process results in significant sequestration of carbon in both soils and woody biomass, mitigating climate change.

The project is the first of its type and size, providing a path for clean energy growth through the transition of prairie coal mines to biomass production while providing mining communities with economical stability through the development of a cleantech economy.

The Clean Growth Program joins our key provincial project partners, Alberta Innovates and Emission Reductions Alberta, in providing funding for BIOSALIX. The Canadian Forest Service, a project partner, will provide willow biomass and soil carbon research and expertise. Project partners EPCOR Water Services will supply the municipal biosolids and Westmoreland Mining will provide the reclamation landbase, project support and a segment of the workforce. The willow plantation will be established by Bionera Resources.

SYLVIS, as the project lead for BIOSALIX, gratefully acknowledges the support of our funding partners, Natural Resources Canada, Alberta Innovates and Emissions Reduction Alberta, and our project partners, Westmoreland Mining, EPCOR Water Services Inc., Natural Resources Canada - Canadian Forest Service, and Bionera Resources