Our Company

SYLVIS is a leading Canadian residuals management consulting and contracting firm with the sole focus of researching, recommending and implementing beneficial residuals management.  What sets us apart is our extensive knowledge of residuals management and our proven ability to implement residuals management programs.

SYLVIS uniquely combines qualified professional consulting services with operational capability, resulting in an unparalleled ability to support all aspects of beneficial residuals management from research and policy development through to management planning and turn-key operational programs.

SYLVIS develops and implements innovative, cost-effective, environmentally sustainable methodologies for the use of municipal and industrial organic and inorganic residuals.  Our management opportunities are beneficial – to the environment, community, end-user and generator.

For over twenty-five years SYLVIS has demonstrated successful solutions to residuals management challenges through innovation and ability.


SYLVIS is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment.  We owe it to ourselves, our clients, our colleagues and our families.

In all aspects of health and safety, we lead by example.   SYLVIS’s comprehensive Safety Management System focuses on prevention through: classroom and on-the-job training, establishment and adherence to safe work procedures, regular audits, hazard identification and control, reporting, and continuous improvement.

All SYLVIS employees contribute to the development, implementation and maintenance of our health and safety program under the Certificate of Recognition, Partnership in Injury Reduction program through the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance.  Safety is all of our responsibility.

Dewatered biosolids are applied to marginal agricultural land near Calgary, Alberta.

Sustainability is dependent on the innovative management of our waste.

The magnitude of our resourcefulness...

For 25 years SYLVIS has been involved in all facets of organic residuals and biosolids management.

SYLVIS was founded in 1989 in response to a need for residuals research and the operational management of a large inventory of...

Our people are our greatest resource.

SYLVIS is composed of professional and technical staff that work together to provide...

Biosolids are applied in mine reclamation.

Clients hire and retain SYLVIS because we have a unique combination of knowledge, ability and experience specific to residuals...

We recruit, develop, retain, and reward remarkable people.


We are always looking for the right people! 


Driving SYLVIS is a team of...