Regulations and Codes of Practices

Regulations and Codes of Practice are two of the primary policy tools that govern the beneficial use of residuals.

SYLVIS completes all aspects of development of residuals regulations, standards and codes of practice including:

  • completing reviews of primary and grey literature;
  • compiling summaries of policies in national and international jurisdictions;
  • conducting preliminary scoping;
  • recommending courses of action for development of residuals policy;
  • providing professional response to consultation activities;
  • collating consultation responses;
  • revising existing policy;
  • developing information dissemination tools; and
  • delivering workshops.

SYLVIS participates in the development of standards, regulations and codes of practice relating to biosolids, compost, pulp and paper residuals, water treatment residuals, waste lime / lime mud, ash, wood waste and anaerobic digestate.