Mine Reclamation

SYLVIS has designed and implemented mine reclamation projects using residuals for over two decades.  Mine reclamation lends itself well to residuals use.  Typically mined lands are highly disturbed and lack the nutrient and organic matter capital to support sustainable vegetation.  Applications to achieve mine reclamation objectives maximize the benefits inherent to many residuals.

Mine reclamation is a desirable option for residuals generators as it often provides a long-term, high capacity beneficial management opportunity.  Mine managers value both the reduction in reclamation costs and the effectiveness of residuals in achieving reclamation requirements.

SYLVIS has extensive experience in using residuals in the reclamation of aggregate (sand and gravel), mineral and coal mines.  We use residuals to solve reclamation challenges including the improvement of site aesthetics, erosion mitigation, dust suppression, water resource improvement, wildlife habitat development and augmentation of on-site soil resources.