SYLVIS is proud to be at the forefront of the paradigm shift from disposing of residuals in the landfill to beneficially managing residuals on the landfill.

Historically, landfills were utilized for the disposal of residuals.  Over time, this method of residuals “management” has become less favourable due to increasing challenges in siting new landfills and recognition that disposal does not capitalize on the inherent benefits of the residuals.

SYLVIS works with residuals generators and landfill owners/operators to develop and implement residuals management opportunities on the landfill.

These opportunities include:

  • creating a fabricated soil with residuals for closure activities;
  • using residuals to create wetland systems for the treatment of leachate;
  • capitalizing on the properties of residuals to fabricate biocovers which are applied to the landfill to oxidize fugitive methane emissions; and
  • using residuals to create a soil designed for vegetation establishment and the treatment of landfill leachate.

Using residuals on the landfill capitalizes on the inherent value of residuals as a source of nutrients and organic matter, provides solutions to land management challenges and conserves space in the landfill.