Nutrient Management

Inherent in beneficial residuals management is environmental protection.  A component of environmental protection is prudent nutrient management.  Excessive nutrients or an imbalance in nutrients can have deleterious effects on soil quality, plant productivity and adjacent water resources.  SYLVIS conducts research and monitoring in the form, availability and movement of nutrients in residuals and their use.

Examples include:

  • long-term research and monitoring of surface and groundwater features connected to land application areas;
  • studies to determine the optimal combination of residuals to minimize nutrient leaching losses;
  • residuals applications and changes in nutrient transformations in soils to promote soil development;
  • residuals use to mitigate excessive soil nutrient concentrations to minimize nutrient mobility; and
  • assessing the response of variable residuals application rates on soil fertility status.

Prudent nutrient management in residuals use is of paramount importance as it ensures that all SYLVIS residuals management projects are beneficial.