Maximizing Value

SYLVIS conducts research to increase our understanding of how residuals can be managed to maximize their inherent value.  Research in this area focuses on identifying and prioritizing opportunities that present the greatest “return” as a result of residuals use.  “Returns” are typically determined by quantifying growth response of vegetation and/or changes in soil fertility parameters.  These research projects often relate to nutrient management projects.  The difference is that the focus of maximizing value research is not on the nutrient investment but in the return on that investment.

SYLVIS’s research projects to maximize value include:

  • growth response studies in forestry and agriculture;
  • changes in species diversity; and
  • optimum nutrition trials to assess application rates, timing and methods to maximize productivity.

Indentifying and prioritizing high-value residuals management use ensures the maximum value for both the generator of the residual and the end user.